Brown-Tougaloo Partnership

The Alpert Medical School's Early Identification Program (EIP) in Medicine offers Tougaloo pre-med students a route to apply for early admission. The EIP was responsible for 3% of the MD class of 2023. The program provides fee waivers, MCAT waivers, application support, and targeted recruiting on Tougaloo’s campus. The EIP continues to be a special highlight of the partnership as one of the longest standing active programs between the institutions.

The Graduate Teaching Exchange is designed to offer advanced doctoral candidates at Brown the opportunity to teach undergraduate courses for 1-2 semesters at Tougaloo College in Tougaloo, Mississippi. The program aims to develop competency in undergraduate teaching, fully-immerse graduate students in faculty life, experience delivering instruction to a diverse student population in a rural, college setting, and to enhance core curricular offerings at Tougaloo College

The Partnership in Public Health Program offers Tougaloo sophomores a route to apply for early admission to Brown's Brown's Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program. Students study at both Tougaloo College and Brown University, ultimately earning a bachelor’s degree from Tougaloo and a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from Brown.